Young Mythological God Seen in Cave


AGIOS GEORGIOS, Greece – Numerous sightings have been reported of a young but very large mythological god romping through a cave near Agios Georgios, on the Greek island of Crete. The cave, widely believed to be the cave where Zeus was raised by a goat, has lately seen more tourists than mythological beings yet there was no denying the certainty of the eye witness accounts. “It was him, Young Zeus!” insisted a group  of teenagers from Germany. “Who else could walk around with a handful of lightning bolts?” was asked by many. “I thought he was kind of cute,” stated an Australian teenaged girl who wished to remain anonymous. The area has seen an influx of onlookers and the curious, chanting and making a “Zeus wave” surrounding the cave, all hoping for a glimpse of what could be the return of the young god Zeus. Related news at Young Zeus.


3 Responses to “Young Mythological God Seen in Cave”

  1. 1 David Saylor

    It’s cool that Zeus was spotted in the cave where he was raised. Young Zeus rocks!

  2. Brian: this is very clever – as is “Young Zeus.” I wish it’s like this in the bookstores.

  3. The wave to young Zeus is clearly spreading which is great. But careful Zeus of your strenght – we could get a tsunami over here in France 😉

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