so bad at this


My blog fears have come true. Months go by with no sign of life. I get more anxious and depressed when I realize how many months continue to pass. I’ll retire my blog, I decide. It was like a fun weekend trip but now it’s over.   But then I ask myself, instead of just taking up space how could I make good use of this time?  What would be fun? Worthwhile? Meaningful?

I have no fun ideas at the moment, and who knows what makes something worthwhile to someone else? Instead of presuming to know I share something meaningful to me, a picture of a nice old tree in my new yard, said to be a white oak.


2 Responses to “so bad at this”

  1. Just saw this somewhat late! That’s a lovely tree – some of the best grow very slowly, gathering a leaf cover over decades, and they can remain dormant for a while, but you don’t cut ’em down for all that. I reckon a blog’s the same. Not all blogs or trees need regular care – or chopping!
    Just my two twigs 😉

    • Thanks for that lovely perspective. I don’t want my blog to be yet another reminder of how I can’t keep up. Instead, I may wait for some leaves to fall before I add something more. Or maybe sooner — I have a feeling I can learn a lot from that big old tree.

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