I delivered the artwork for N E V I L L E today. Here are some pieces from that quirky book written by Norton Juster which is being published by the dynamic duo Anne Schwartz and Lee Wade (Random House). Thanks to my friend Chuck Lockhart for introducing me to Google Sketch Up architectural software. I constructed a neighborhood where the story took place and was able to view it from all angles, inside and out. I’ve been living in Nevillehood since February and now that the artwork is on the publishers desk I’m ready for a vacation, out of the hood.


9 Responses to “N E V I L L E”

  1. 1 Chuck L.

    Ya, hurray, glad it all worked out! Did you say beer?

  2. Inventive thought. I like it.

  3. Thanks for sharing a sneak preview. It’s awesome. Shades of Levittown. . . .

  4. Awesome!

  5. Wow Brian – bravo! Glad I spotted this.
    I’m in that truck moving out of the first picture.
    Beautiful empty spaces, and rhythms. And boy am I dreaming of empty spaces! Have been shifting all my parents stuff- several truck loads. Auctioning 200 paintings next week as the new people move in on December 1. And big news is from Feb 2011, I’m buying a London place near the Sausage and Mash shop so you’ll have another place for vacation in addition to Paris and Senlis!
    Great to see this work. When’s the book out?

    • 6 Brian

      Thanks all!

      Bridget, you must be exhausted. I saw how much you had to pack up. I’ll never complain about moving again. Big congrats on your new London place! Put in an order for some s+m, I’ll be there straight away ; )

      • 7 Brian

        N E V I L L E will be out next fall, along with the 50th anniversary edition (can you believe that?) of Phantom Tollbooth.

  6. These are fantastically beautiful! I love your work. Thanks for posting these- I can’t wait to see the book.

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